Links to suppliers, artists, and other cool stuff.

    Flying Eyeball retailers:

Automotive art and apparel, from Southern California.

Lowbrow Customs
"The best in hard-to-find parts for the home-built motorcycle."

Resin and Bronze shift knobs by the evil Dr. Kyle Vick.


  Instructional PDFs by UnkL Ian :
How to hold a Pinstriping Brush   ---  not as hard as it sounds
Pounce Pattern How To     --  How to copy and/or reproduce designs.
Silent Air Compressor   ---  Build your own from an old refrigerator.

 Future PDFs :
Painting with "Magic Crystals"  -- low buck method for big buck results
Which End is Up ?  -- Brushes work better, right side up.
Brush Trimming --  "Get a hair cut, and get a real job."
Using Transfer Paper -- Just like it sounds.
Pinstripe Practice Patterns --  Just follow the line.
Secrets of the Universe -- Even better than The Da Vinci Code.
Turning Lead into Gold --   And they said it couldn't be done.HA !